Six Summer Skincare Tips to Keep Skin Healthy and Protected

Summer is almost upon us. And with the return of summer comes the return of sunny days filled with scorching heat, humidity, and skin-damaging UV rays. The summer season can take a negative toll on our skin, drying it out, leaving it sunburnt, and looking dull underneath our new tans.

So how do we keep our skin protected and healthy during this harsh season? With these skincare tips that are sure to help keep your skin in good condition all season long!

Always Wear Your SPF

This one might seem obvious to most people, but sun protection is crucial during the summer. That means wearing sunscreen all the time. Start by replacing last year’s sunscreen with a new one because as with all products, sunscreen has an expiration date and putting an old product on your skin isn’t beneficial in any way.

When looking at sunscreens, go with one that is at least SPF 30. If you need to go higher you can do so, but SPF 30 is the minimum SPF you should go with. And be sure to choose a product with both UVA and UVB protection.

But the true key to making sunscreen work is using it properly. Slathering it on right before you go out won’t offer the best protection from sun damage. Put it on 30 minutes before you go outside you’re good to go. Then reapply as needed throughout the day to ensure you’re always protected.

And I know they say less is more, but that isn’t true with sunscreen! The preferred amount varies from person to person, but try to go with an amount that could fit in one of those small paper cups fast food restaurants use for ketchup or a shot glass.This will cover all exposed skin thoroughly and provide optimal protection. If you want to use more than that it’s up to you, just don’t be stingy with the amount!

Water is Your Summer Bestie

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get dehydrated during the summer. While hanging out on the beach with friends playing volleyball, going for a swim, or checking out every hot guy that walks by, it’s easy to forget to take a moment to drink some water. But don’t let staying hydrated take a back seat!

Not only will drinking plenty of water prevent you from getting dehydrated- which is a dangerous thing- but it will also help keep your skin and body healthy. Our bodies are 60 percent water on any given day. We need to continuously replenish what is used by our bodies.

When we aren’t getting enough water, our skin won’t function properly, meaning it will become lackluster, dried out, cracked, and possibly even cause breakouts. When we are hydrated, our skin will be healthy and will naturally look better.

Water is just as beneficial for our bodies too. Toxins build up in our bodies, causing our kidneys and other organs not to work as well as normal. But when we’re hydrated, everything works properly and we feel great.

It is recommended to drink an 8-ounce glass of water eight times a day, so try to follow that as closely as possible. You might find you need to hydrate more depending on the activities you’re participating in that day, and that’s OK. Just be careful not to over hydrate yourself, which can be just as dangerous and harmful as dehydration.

Exfoliate Several Times a Week

Exfoliating is a good step to do all year long, but it’s especially helpful over the summer. Our bodies are continuously shedding dead skin cells and if we don’t get rid of them, our skin will end up looking dull and flaky.

Exfoliation helps remove those dead skin cells to reveal living and glowing skin. Use an exfoliator that has natural ingredients in them because they are less harsh on the skin. And don’t use the same exfoliator for your whole body, have a separate one for your face and neck. Do this 2-3 times a week with a loofah to keep your skin healthy and looking good all year round.

Minimize Your Makeup

Makeup is an easy way to make skin look fresh and flawless, but especially in the summer it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts because of all the sweating we do. So, in this case, less is more! If you do decide to wear foundation, then apply a face powder with SPF as well. This will prevent your skin from looking patchy.

In summer the basics are the best route for your skin. Choose a lip balm or gloss with SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun and prevent them for drying out.

If you’re going to wear eye makeup, stick to a waterproof mascara and ditch the eyeshadow. And if you want a little something extra, then go ahead and put on some concealer and bronzing blush to finish off the look. Just remember that in the summer less makeup is the way to go.

Aloha Aloe Vera!

Aloe vera is an amazing plant with many uses and benefits. You can use it all year round for a healthy and nourishing burst of moisture and to help heal damaged skin. If you tend to get sunburned over the summer, aloe vera can help with that too.

Summer skincare products that contain aloe vera help soothe the skin after it has been sunburnt and keep the area moisturized. So if you’re experiencing dry skin and discomfort, putting on some aloe vera will really help!

And the best part is you don’t have to go out and buy products that contain aloe vera! If you or someone you know has an aloe vera plant at home, you can use that. Just break off a stock, squeeze out the gel, and then apply it right on your skin. It’s that easy!

Have it Made in the Shade

It’s true that too much sun exposure can lead to risks such as skin cancer and damaged skin. A little sun exposure is good for us because it helps us produce vitamin D, which can help make our skin healthier, as well as improve our mood and ward off depression. It’s when we overdo it that problems start to occur.

Overheating is a huge issue in the summer. Look out for the warning signs of blistering skin, irritation, and redness. Those mean you’ve been in the sun too long and should seek shade as soon as possible. But everyone is different and has different sensitivity to the sun. That makes it difficult to know exactly how long is too long to be in the sun.

UVA and UVB rays are at their strongest between 10 am and 4 pm, so try to limit your outdoor time during those times. However, if you absolutely need to be outside for some reason, don’t forget your sunscreen! For trips to the beach, pack an umbrella. For poolside relaxation, choose a chair underneath an awning. And if you’re outside just to relax, find a shady spot to enjoy the day and stay cool.

Skin care during the summer months is very important and should be taken seriously. So having a summer skincare routine is beneficial and can help lower your risks of getting sunburns, sun spots, and skin cancer. Follow these tips and have the best summer skin of your life!

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