Self-Care When Life Gets In The Way

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry is at $4.7 trillion with the U.S. alone having a market size of 52.5 billion. In the age of the internet, LLC Twitter, and glamorized entrepreneurship, all seems to be well when scrolling through a typical Instagram feed. However, the culture that puts pressure on a person to be well can also create tremendous anxiety and even depression if the tools of wellness don’t fit into a hectic lifestyle. After all, many people during the era of the global pandemic are struggling to stay above water financially facing issues such as job loss, eviction, and illness. When exactly does self-care come in when the self is compromised and disillusioned due to the everyday demands of life? 

Like Sway, I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have suggestions on what can be done to incorporate health and wellness into your life. As an entrepreneur primarily working in the music industry as a strategist and writer, I understand what it means to make a way out of no way of peace. Below I break down 3 top ways:

Physical Activity 

A couple of years ago, one of my friends and I decided to get up every morning at 7am and hike Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, CA. I would be lying if I said it was a pleasant experience as I’m not one to enjoy exercise. I wish I could say that by the third month it was easier and more fun to hike, but it wasn’t. However, the aftermath of hiking everyday brought a mental clarity and energy that was unmatched when I came up with a lame excuse to escape hiking occasionally. This brings me to the first point of what’s actually good for you sometimes isn’t enjoyable to you but that doesn’t make it less important as long as it’s healthy and safe.

Listening to Music

You might think that working in music makes me not want to listen to music, but in actuality it makes me hate people. Just kidding, I think. There’s been several studies done to show the benefits of listening to music. Gone are the days of needing money to buy your favorite CDs or ordering bundles of records from mail orders. With YouTube and digital streaming services it’s more accessible than ever. Sometimes it’s an additive to my workout to get me motivated or it’s just something to listen to while I’m cooking. Regardless, it’s calming and puts me at ease. Like many say, it’s the soundtrack of our lives.

Having a Skincare Routine

I can’t speak for everyone, but my face has been a sense of deep insecurities. I’ve battled acne since I was a young teenager and with each year of age, my hormones laugh and continue giving me a run for my money. For years, I was defeated and over trying until I discovered products like ANOVÉ that allow for gentle cleansing that over time helps remedy problems like discoloration and dryness. In less than 6 months time my face has become almost completely clear. Taking care of your skin means taking care of the part of yourself that’s most on display and a point of representation. It matters.


Meet Our Guest Blogger

Ashley Lyle Williams 

Ashley is an entrepreneur, writer, and founder of Lyfe of Lyle, a music entertainment media and services company that focuses on the advancement and advocacy of young business and creative professionals in entertainment and media.

She has worked and/or written for the likes of Airbnb, Universal Music, Sony Music, Variety, The Recording Academy,, Music Business Worldwide, Music Ally, and Hip Hop DX, among others.

Previously, Ashley worked at The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group where she supported the Publisher as well as managed endemic media partnerships and wrote for Billboard across its print and online platforms. After writing more than 200 articles, Ashley left Billboard in February 2019 to freelance for publications such as Variety, Forbes, HipHopDX, and XoNecole.

Ashley is a graduate of Stanford University and currently living in Los Angeles, CA. 

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